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7 Wedding Hair Tips For Black Brides

Most of brides wanna look perfect and feel their best when they say ‘I do’, and every little and not very little detail is important, and wedding hair plays a very significant role here. For black brides, sourcing wedding hair inspiration can be a little frustrating at times due to the lack of representation in mainstream media. Besides, not all hairdressers have experience working with such hair, and the process of creating that dream look can very tricky. But don’t worry, we’ve prepared some wedding hair tips that should help.

Deep Condition

The most important point here is that you need to get your hair into tip top condition before you even think about how you’ll style it. Establish a regular wash routine and get into the habit of deep conditioning it once a week – your hair will thank you. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase or investing in a silk headscarf will also help minimize frizz and breakage. Using the right products for your hair type is another key tip for maintaining healthy locks.

a chic half updo of curls with much texture and an legant cathedral veil for a cute touch

a chic wedding updo of more or less straight hair but with plenty of texture and a bump on top

a curly low updo with some curls down and a fresh greenery branch tucked into the hairstyle for a fresh touch

a curly low updo with some curls on top and hanging down is a messy and chic idea that looks natural

Be Yourself, But Be Practical

Black hair is extremely versatile and there are endless styles for black brides to choose from, regardless of the length or texture of your hair. The style of your wedding venue and attire should help steer the hairstyle you choose to wear, but there are no rules.

a gorgeous wedding hairstyle of waves down requires straightening your hair first and then creating waves

a low messy updo of curls with hair hanging down and fresh blooms and greenery tucked into the hair

a low ponytail with a sleek top and some messy hair hanging down is a classic option to go for

a messy and textural wedding updo with a twisted halo and some greenery and white blooms for an accent

a one side wavy low updo on medium length hair with some locks down is a chic idea

a romantic one side wavy hairstyle with a chic veil and a rhinestone hairpiece looks really cool

Choose Accessories Carefully

You shouldn’t let accessories dictate your hairstyle but keep them in mind when considering options. It might be tricky to slide a vintage hair comb into braided locks and a delicate headband might get lost in a sea of curls!

a stylish and voluminous wedding updo of straight hair is a chic idea for a formal wedding

a stylish half updo of curals and with a braid on top looks very natural and very boho chic

a stylish low updo with a sleek top and a couple of locks down is a perfect option for a formal wedding

a stylish wedding hairstyle of elegant waves and with one side tucked is very romantic

a super chic wavy lod updo with some locks down by Rihnanna just wows

a voluminous and textural wedding updo with messy textures, some locks down and a touch of flowers

Always Book A Trial

If it’s necessary to look beyond your regular hairstylist for your desired bridal look, be sure to book a trial. Ask potential stylists about their credentials, areas of expertise and preferred products. This will help set your expectations.

Create A DIY Kit

If you opt to go DIY, make sure you practice in advance and take pictures and videos each time so you have a handy reference on the day. Creating your own hair kit so all the tools and products you need are stored in one place will also make your life easier the morning of.

a wavy one side wedding hairstyle of locks that were straightened and then styled into waves, with a shiny headpiece

natural curls accented with a fresh flower crown is an effortless idea for your wedding day

natural curls styled into an updo with many locks down accented with a trendy crystal headpiece

natural curls swiped up and accented with a gold botanical hairpiece to make it look more chic

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