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26 Cool Summer Wedding Manicure Ideas

Every detail in your bridal look should be perfect – many brides spend hours choosing even the smallest touches. Nails are one of them, and I’m here to help you! This roundup includes a lot of gorgeous summer wedding nails ideas that are in trend now and will fit many bridal styles, from modern or minimalist to boho or formal.

The current trends are negative space, marble and matte nails – mix all of them or follow just one trend to make your nails super edgy. The classic options are French manicure and nudes, which never go out of style and can fit any bridal look, besides, they are nice to wear afterwards, too, which is especially good if you are going on a honeymoon the next day. Now let me share some awesome examples of all these manicures.

French Manicure

To be honest, traditional French nails are a bit outdated and aren’t in trend now, so if you want a classic feel, prefer some fresh takes on such nails. For example, go ombre French or try half moon whites for a reversal look. Add little rhinestones for a chic feel or make the manicure matte – this way you’ll get an edgy feel at once.

a fresh take on French manicure with half moon whites and light pink base is an edgy idea

ombre French nails with little rhinestones is a chic and modern idea for an edgy bride

ombre French manicure is a fresh take on traditional French nails for a trendy feel

ombre French nails with an almond shape for a chic and edgy feel yet with a classic sense

ombre French nails with some rhinestones for a glam feel and a bold look

creamy nails with silver glitter stripes on some of them for a modern romantic look

nude nails with little rhinestones look very cute and glam and will fit many bridal styles

nude manicure with touches of glitter on some nails will add a glam feel to your look

nude nails are a comfy ided that will fit any bridal look and can be rocked afterwards too

glossy and matte nude and dusty pink nails with silve glitter half moons for a super trendy look

nude nails with a touch of rose glitter for a chic and glam feel at the wedding

nude nails with a large metallic stripe on one nail will fit a modern or minimalist outfit

Colorful Nails

Bold colors are welcome in summer! Though most of brides prefer neutrals and delicate shades, we offer you to go bold, especially if you have a bold color scheme or if you are a tropical bride, for example. Rock tropical leaf prints, green, orange and yellow and stand out with such a mani! Try geometric prints for a mid-century modern look or a for a whimsy modern feel.

pink nails with tropical leaf prints and metallic geometric touches for a tropical or beanch bride

matte mauve nails are a great way to add a touch of color and make it delicately and with a muted shade

light pink nails with thin silver stripes is a chic modenr nail art suitable for a modern or minimalist bride

light blue and light pink geometric nails with sme negative space for a colorful summer touch

pink and mint geometric nails with negative space for a mid-century modern or modern bride

lilac nails with purple tirangle accents can fit a boho or mid-century modern bride

palm tree nails are a nice idea for every tropical bride and a fun and whimsy way to embrace the location

beige matte nails and a touch of lace for a romantic and timeless bridal look

matte black and white geometric nails with negative space for a minimalist bride or a black and white wedding

matte white nails and a single accent nail with silver sequins for a super elegant yet minimalist look

peachy pink nails and white ones with a single chevron accent for a cheerful summer feel in your look

pink marble manicure is a great idea to rock at the wedding, it’s a very fresh and trendy option

white matte nails with gold chevrons for a modern or boho bride

dusty pink nails and two white and dusty pink marble nails that bring a trendy and edgy feel to the look

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