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30 Fall And Halloween Wedding Nails Ideas That Wow

If you are a couple getting ready for a fall or Halloween wedding, we are here to help you! We continue sharing the coolest ideas from all around the web, and today’s roundup is dedicated to nails.

Fall is the time of saturated colors, and they can be seen everywhere – not only in nature but also in decor of all kinds and in our looks. Try all kinds of rich bold colors: burgundy, red, purple, emerald, orange, copper and others to make your manicure fall-like. If you prefer something timeless, go for a neutral manicure but don’t make it boring. If you are a Halloween bride, rock something really dramatic, you won’t regret that! Let’s take a look at some chic ideas for you to choose the best option.

Colorful Wedding Nails

Colorful and bright wedding nails are a common thing for fall and winter now, besides, short bright nails are a trendy idea even for every day. Hot red, burgundy, chocolate, fuchsia, emerald, forest green, mauve, crimson, purple, copper – anything you like is welcome! Make a statement with color and spruce up your manicure with some glitter and rhinestones to make the nails brighter. Try matte finishes to make the nails catchier, go for various designs and statement nails (on the ring finger), try metallic stripes and other types of decor that look nice with the color you’ve chosen. Gradient and ombre nails are very popular, and you may go for a bright color combo with such a design.

matte forest green wedding nails are a stunning and bold idea to embrace the fall

matte burgundy nails with thin white stripes is an ultra-modern take on usual wine shades

teal nails are another cool fall idea, non-traditional as it's not emerald, and bold and fall-like

shiny burgundy nails with gold glitter and sequins are a great idea for the fall, highlight the ring finger

shiny and matte teal nails with silver glitter stripes in the middle to embrace the season and make a colorful statement

mauve manicure is a great idea to embrace the season and make a soft and muted colorful statement

bright fuchsia nails are a nice idea for the fall, they make a colorful statement and will spruce up even the most neutral look

bloody red half moon nails are a chic idea for a fall bride and such manicure can last long thanks to half moons

a shiny plum-colored manicure is fall classics, it fits many bridal styles and looks veyr fall-like complimenting the skin

a bold fall take on the traditional FRench manicure, a matte burgundy nail and a shiny burgundy tip

emerald nails with gold stripes are a great idea for the fall, make a statement with this elegant and bold color

burgundy and silver glitter nail design is a chic idea both for fall and Halloween weddings

matte chocolate manicure spruced up with rhinestones is a chic and refined idea for a fall bride

matte hot red nails are a great way to make a colorful statement for your bridal look

Nude And Neutral Wedding Nails

Nude and neutral manicures are timeless for any wedding season and theme – they will fit most of bridal styles except for the most dramatic ones. But make them special! Forget usual blush nails and go for matte nude nails – a matte finish will add interest to the nails. Go for grey that is traditional for the fall, make your nails matte for an interesting look or try all different shades of grey for each nail. If you want something more interesting, try taupe as a neutral shade, this is a popular fall color and it’s getting hotter and hotter for weddings. Glitter and metallic touches are always welcome to spruce up the manicure and with nude and neutral shades they will be amazing.

playful matte grey nails and a silver sequin statement nail is classics for the fall or winter and a shiny touch to your look

matte nude nails are a timeless option for absolutely any season and for many bridal styles

spruce up matte grey nails with a touch of metallic geometric decor to add a shiny detail to your look

taupe and grey nails with a couple of gold glitter ones is a delicate yet shiny idea for a fall wedding

taupe nails are a chic fall take on traditional neutrals, not boring yet delicate and sophisticated

light grey matte manicure with a single statement nail done with rhinestones is a bold idea for a timeless look

Halloween Wedding Nails

If you are a Halloween bride, you may want some drama. Try gradient nails, red to black or red to purple ones, to make a statement. Go for black, which is classics, and spruce it up with matte finishes, rhinestones, pearls and glitter. Think sharp nails as they bring the real drama, whatever color you prefer. Try half moon design, with red, burgundy and black colors such nails will make a statement. Be bold!

black to hot red gradient nails for a dramatic and bold Halloween manicure

dramatic black sharp half moon nails are a bold and bright idea for a Halloween wedding

black matte nails with a single jeweled nail to make a bold statement for a Halloween wedding

ombre sharp plum to black nails are a great idea to rock for the fall

matte black nails are a great idea for a Halloween wedding, they will also fit other bridal styles

ombre purple to hot red nails are great for a dramatic Halloween bridal look

red and black gradient nails are a bold statement idea for any Halloween bride, such a bright idea

sharp matte burgundy nails adorned with bold rhinestones is a stunning idea for a Halloween bride


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