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80 Gorgeous Nail Ideas of 2020 for Your Special Day

On your wedding day, everybody will be analyzing you from head to toes. Your dress, hairstyle, makeup and even your nails will be under the eagle eye of your guests. That is why you need to find the best wedding nail ideas for the big event.

Stunning Wedding Nails

An event as important as this leaves room for no mistakes! You can create so many designs and get as creative as you want.

80 Gorgeous Wedding Nail Ideas of 2020 for Your Special Day

#1. Purple Wedding Nails

purple wedding nails

If you want a nail design that will blow everybody’s mind, this is probably it! Long pointy nails with purple ombre and pearled applications; this is what you need to get stunning nails.

#2. Coffin Nails for Wedding

coffin nails for wedding

If you want a simple yet dazzling manicure, these coffin nails with subtle rhinestones and tiny crystals are something you mush choose.

#3. Short Wedding Nails

short wedding nails

You don’t need to get huge nails to have outstanding hands. use a pink nude color and add rhinestones and a little bit of glitter and you are ready for this important day.

#4. Long Wedding Nails

long wedding nail design

With this breath-taking huge pointy nail design, your hands will certainly be in the center of attention. Build the with acrylic gel and use a sparkling pink nail polish.

#5. Burgundy Nail Design

burgundy nail design for wedding

A romantic floral design with applied rhinestones is perfect for your short square nails. You’ll have a striking look for your hands.

#6. Wedding Nails with Rhinestones

#7. Almond Nails for Wedding

#8. Grey Wedding Nails

#9. Wedding Nails with Pearls

wedding nails with pearls

#10. Disney Wedding Nails

Disney wedding nails

#11. Frosty French

wedding nail design

Enter this fresh new chapter of your life with style, by getting this modern ombre French art as your wedding nail design.

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#12. Wedding Nails for Bridesmaids

bridal wedding nails

A simple shade of light pink is all you need and, with a sprinkle of glitter these nails are ready for the party to get started.

#13. Crystal Charm

wedding nail designs 2

Solar Nails had been in number one place for seasons now. A style known for its subtle elegance would certainly be suitable to get as your wedding nail design.

#14. Bridal Ombre

wedding nail designs 3

Just as you go on choosing between different shades for your wedding gown, you can choose between different shades such as white, ivory, or gold for example. This wedding nail design was created using a rose pearl nail polish for a majestic final look.

#15. Fading Beige

wedding nail designs 4

Infuse this season’s hottest nail trend; ombre nail art with bridal colors to create this classy wedding nail design.

#16. Glossy Red Nails

wedding nail designs 5

For a bride that isn’t afraid to be the center of attention on her special day, a pop of color on her wedding nails would certainly suit her best.

#17. Charming Silhouette

wedding nail designs 6

Flatter your overall bridal appearance with a bedazzled pink and white ombre wedding nail design.

#18. Put A Ring On It!

wedding nail designs 7

Nothing says this is the bride such as that wedding ring sparkling on her finger. This fun bride decided that accessorizing each nail with a diamond ring is her go to wedding nail design.

#19. Diamond Rings & Diamond Nails

wedding nail designs 8

Get a natural cream colored nail design that you can rock almost every day on any outfit, and give it that twist to make it bridal approved such as adding these glitter and gems details.

#20. Classy French

wedding nail designs 9

For such a special day, don’t go experimenting on your nails, but head out to a trusted manicure artist and let her unleash her skills to create this acrylic French wedding nail design.

#21. Dazzling Acrylic Wedding Nail Design

wedding nail designs 10

French tips are the official style for wedding nail designs, however what about golden tips for this French design?

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#22. Simple Glam

wedding nail designs 11

Let’s be clear, no need to overdo your bridal nail art, for simplicity is always elegance as clear from this French acrylic nail design above.

#23. Glitter Nail Designs

wedding nail designs 12

Don’t bother yourself stressing about a suitable eye-catching wedding nail design, for French nail style runs always to the rescue. Here the bridal approach is accentuated with a remarkable glitter coated nail on that ring finger.

#24. Stiletto Bridal Design

wedding nail designs 13

Ask for a double tipped French styled wedding nail art for a double charming end result.

#25. Pink Nails

wedding nail designs 14

When most brides go with classic white French style or red wedding nail design, stand out and ask for such out of the box pink and gold themed nail design to flatter your bridal outfit on this day.

#26. Royal Appeal

wedding nail designs 15

For a day that is one in a lifetime choose a unique wedding nail design that you won’t get any other day such this gold decorated white nail art.

#27. Sharp & Sweet

wedding nail designs 16

Who says you can’t be a bit devious and fierce when dressing in white from head to toe. With this stiletto, wedding nail design adds a bold appeal to your sweet bridal look.

#28. Flower Themed Nails

wedding nail designs 17

When nude color is so loved and adored by us all, we would certainly try to infuse it with any design to get it suitable for any occasion. In this look, we accessorized a single nail tip with 200 beautiful 3D floral details to get these nude round tips attractive enough to suit a wedding nail design.

#29. Ombre Silhouette

wedding nail designs 18

To make every moment of this celebration an everlasting memory, take care of each and every tinny detail, nevertheless your bridal fingertips. Ask your nail artist for this acrylic wedding nail design that is simply a masterpiece.

#30. Accessorized Ring Finger

wedding nail designs 19

Add 3D ornaments to your simple white polished ballerina nails rendering them festive and celebratory enough for a wedding day.

#31. Modern Bride

wedding nail designs 20

Give a regular plain white polished nail design a bridal appeal with a modern stylish twist, by adding this singular golden stripe and colorful gems.

#32. Natural Nail Design for Wedding

wedding nail designs 21

Decorate those French tips with vivid lace details to flatter your lace wedding dress and graceful veil.

#33. Sprinkles Of Silver

wedding nail designs 22

To get an attractive yet classy addition to your normal French nail design, an addition of a silver tip to line the initial white one to end up with a personalized simple wedding nail design.

#34. Unique French Style

wedding nail designs 23

You can always decorate your wedding nails with contrasting black and white drawings.

#35. French Lace

wedding nail designs 24

Nothing says wedding as that white satin lace veil that falls gracefully from the bride’s tiara right down to her feet. And hence, nothing says bridal nails as lace tipped ones.

#36. Christmas Wedding Nail Design

wedding nail designs 25

Christmas themed wedding, cause why not? A lot of people choose the Holiday season to get their wedding done, and combine two festive occasions. For a Christmas themed wedding create a wedding nail design that mixes and matches the attractive red and frosty snowflakes.

#37. Matching His Tux!

wedding nail designs 26

Most brides think of a wedding nail design that’ll match their gown, however, this certain bride chose a color combo to match her Mr.’s tuxedo.

#38. An  Interesting Alternative

wedding nail designs 27

It’s your wedding day, and you can do what you want to! Celebrate this special day with your favorite nail trend such as this pink marble canvas as wedding nail art.

#39. Bride & Groom

wedding nail designs 28

The wedding celebrated the entrance of a new life, a life full of ups and downs, good days and bad ones. Enter it with this stylish black and white art as your wedding nail design to symbolize the blacks and whites of your future life.

#40. Patriotic Bride

wedding nail designs 29

A true patriotic would show off her national British love even though on her wedding day.

#41. Strass For Sass

wedding nail designs 30

After planning every single detail of your dream wedding, it’s now time to focus on those bridal nails. Choose a nail design that says it’s the bride with the simplest notions such as these bold shimmering strass that align your French nail tips.

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#42. 3D Glam


You want nothing subtle and dull on your wedding day, you want everything fascinating and majestic, that includes your wedding nail design!

#43. Floral Decorations

wedding nail designs 32

Simple and cute floral nail design is perfect to say goodbye to the little girl you once was as you enter this new life as a wife.

#44. Tigress Bride

wedding nail designs 33

Who said a bride can’t rock a leopard patterned wedding nail design!

#45. Silver French Wedding Mani

wedding nail designs 34

Such royal silver nail silhouette falls perfectly to match any bride’s wedding outfit.

#46. Elegance In Nude

wedding nail designs 35

Beige with a pearl sparkle is a gracious option to choose for your wedding nail design. Here accentuating the royal appeal with an embroidered accessorizing piece on the ring finger.


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#47. Cool Bride

wedding nail designs 36

Snowflakes had been claimed a bridal interest when it comes to designing wedding nails. Snowflake designs had been shown in different and various designs yet this particular gel art we displayed above is certainly the most fascinating of them all.

#48. Playful Bridal Design

wedding nail designs 37

Why not go all playful and girly on your wedding day with this cute marble pink wedding nail design? After all it’s your day.

#49. Gorgeous Gold Details

wedding nail designs 38

A hint of golden glitter is the secret element for alluring simple French styled bridal nails.

#50. Twisted French

wedding nail designs 39

One of the necessary element of your bridal appearance is your wedding nail design. So, don’t fall back and neglect the importance of dressing up your bridal nails with gorgeous wedding nail designs such as the above design.

#51. Here Comes The Bride!

wedding nail designs 40

One of the cutest fun alternations to bridal nail designs. Get your nail artist to mimic your wedding dress and your husband-to-be’s famous tux on those nails.

#52. Fashionable Bridal Nails

wedding nail designs 41

Mimic that heart shaped neckline of your dream wedding dress to create these fun bridal wedding nails.

#53. Cute Wedding Nails

wedding nail designs 42

Seek a professional expert to give you such delicate clean end result for your wedding nails. Everything should be perfect on this day.

#54. The Marble Effect

wedding nail designs 43

Well, everything matches with white, which means options aren’t so limited to white nail polish and French styled wedding nail designs. This pink marble nail design could easily be rocked on your wedding day to flatter your unique individual style.

#55. Matching The RING

wedding nail designs 44

Just as you’ll accessorize your finger with that wedding ring as you say “I do” down the aisle, accessorize your wedding nails with these shining gems.

#56. Lovely Lace Design

wedding nail designs 46

Everyone knows a bride needs something old, something borrowed and something blue. This wedding nail design is the something blue you’re waiting for.

#57. Out Of The Box

wedding nail designs 47

Combine all your favorite elements in the nail art world to get the nail design you love on this special occasion.

#58. Artistic Wedding Nails

wedding nail designs 49

No need to dismiss the traditional accessories a bride usual asks for such as, French wedding nail design. Yet, no one said you can’t personalize and alternate a classical silhouette such as adding these artistic brushes decorating the French tips.

#59. Dramatic In Black

wedding nail designs 50

Choose a unique wedding nail design that you won’t see any other traditional bride asking for. Ask your manicurist for a black lace nail art that is daring and bold to contrast the usual bridal silhouette.

#60. Bridal Details

Accentuate your bridal grace with artistic details that’ll flatter your wedding nail design and compliment your whole appearance.

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#61. Tan Nails

soft and beautiful Bridal Nail Design for girl

As we said at the beginning, these nails are not always necessarily white. These tan colored nails with some sparkles and a hint of the golden color are quite soft and beautiful. Because they are not white, they could be yours to try out for the upcoming date night, or prom. They are not long, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them easily.

#62. Jewel Me Up

Bridal Nail art with jewels and stones

If you are a jewelry lover, this bridal nail design should be your choice. The light lace detail looks perfect for a bride to be. If you are going to wear a lacey wedding dress, this nail combo will look stunning on you. Everything will be matched from head to toes and everyone will be mesmerized. You will also love these nail design with rhinestones.

#63. Aristocratic Bride Nails

As if they can’t get any more obvious. These bridal nails have got a clear message, and there is nothing subtle or hidden about these. A lot of lacy moments with some precious flowers will make any bride look gracious and sleek.

#64. Wedding Class

wedding day Bridal Nail idea

These are the ultimate bridal nail designs and can be worn only for your wedding day. The bride and the groom drawing is so subtle but yet gives out a clear picture. If you are a bit artsy and crafty, these nails could fulfill your needs.

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#65. Brighter Than You Are Used To

soft pink Bridal Nail Design idea

These nails may be a bit brighter than you are used to, but they are still charming. With the pinky base and some sprinkle of sparkle, they have multi-purposes. You can wear them for pretty much anything and everything, so that is a big plus.

#66. Sparkle Sparkle

This bridal nail design has got a lot of shining moments and a fierce look. You can wear them like this with your lacy wedding dress and with a veil and will have a full hit!

#67. French Is The One

This French nail manicure is a good pick if you are attending as a guest in a wedding. Nails look sophisticated, long, elegant and to die for. The lace detail brings some life back into them and they look hard to resist.

#68. White Art

White Art Bridal Nail Design

This is some true nail art we see. This bridal nail art with a lot of lovely characteristics and chicness look so traditional. When it comes to traditions, the tradition of a bride wearing “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” actually comes from an Old English rhyme. The more you know, the more wholesome you feel.

#69. Gloss

Some glossy moments are super cute and sassy. This manicure is a great example that you don’t always need to have everything mattified. With these, you could easily have fun wherever you go, since they are not the ultimate bridal nails.

#70. Perfect For Formality

dusty pink Bridal Nail Design

Perfect for anything formal, these nails look super shimmery and like a total win combination for the prom. Make sure to take proper care of them, since they are quite long and have been done in an acrylic way. These also have multi-purpose, so wear them for your prom, weddings, dates, parties. They are not that much of an everyday nail manicure tho.

#71. Shine like Diamonds

Shine bright like a diamond, because that is what you are. The little diamond accessory brings some life back into this manicure. They are chic and would look perfect if you had a  wedding cake in this shape and color.

#72. Pearly Bride

Bridal Nail Design with Pearl

This nail design is for the brides who like to be showered in pearls. After getting this manicure make sure to have a proper honeymoon planned out. Also, did you know that honeymoons weren’t always so luxurious? They weren’t all about spending loads of money on something that new and unknown.

#73. It’s All In The Details

If you don’t like long and vibrant manicure, then it is all in the details for you. In order to have something that makes you stick out in the crowd, flowery details may get the job done right. Just make sure to have a professional doing them.

#74. Cutey Shorty

short cute bridal nail idea

This little cute and short bridal nail design could be worn by all of our women out there. These nails are not too bridal, nor too long, so you can wear them for anything. Short nails won’t break easily, and these sparkles are not too noticeable. You will have fun wearing them during your everyday life activities.

#75. Flowers I Love

Floral bridal nails

If you are a flower fanatic, you will love these. The ultimate nail design is especially for bolder and braver women. If you like to go all out and if you want a supermassive wedding, then that will require super massive nails. Nearly $72 billion is spent on weddings every year in the United States! So heads up, because the statistics are shocking.

#76. Acrylic Beauty

Acrylic bridal nail design

These acrylic nails are too good to be true. Very long and very ladylike, they are the perfect bridal nail idea. You should wear some bigger and bolder jewelry in order to have a full strike with this manicure.

#77. Peachy Shade

If you’ve never been a big fan of the white color, this peach shade can also be your go-to option. With the flower petals, this whole picture leaves us breathless.

#78. Light Violet

Light Violet color Bridal Nail

Light violet is also one more of the nonwhite options to go with. These nails will look prettier on women with darker skin, so keep that in mind. Since they are not too long, puffy or white, they can be worn for any occasion.

#79. Sharp Madness

So sharp that you may be required to have a license for these. Nude/pink nail base with loads of gemstones and flowers will transform you into a true princess. Be prepared for tons of compliments.

#80. White Wedding Nails

White floral Bridal Nail art

All white, everything, is what you get with this bridal nail design. These look like they have found their inspiration in a traditional wedding dress. If you love that traditional lacy look; you will love these nails.

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