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10 Ways to Rock a Statement Lip – Lip Trends

It’s undeniable. Lipsticks are growing and growing in popularity. Smokey eyes (40 Hottest Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas & Smokey Eye Tutorials for Beginners) used to be the most popular trend in makeup, however, lipsticks are taking over. Rocking a statement lip has taken the fashion world by storm. Whether that’s a bright colour, a cool lip art look or a strong nude.

10 Ways to Rock a Statement Lip - Lip Trends

Choosing a strong lip look will absolutely finish your face off and see you fit for any occasion. If you’re a little nervous about embracing new lipstick looks, Her Style Code hopes that this fabulous blog post and gallery will inspire you. Here are 10 ways to rock a statement lip. So be bold! Let’s get started.

Purple Lips

Ways to Rock a Statement Lip

Purple is a colour often ignored when it comes to lipstick. However, it can be an absolutely stunning finish to a makeup look. Especially when worn as a statement lip! Choose a bright purple shade and be bold when wearing it. Make sure your lips are lined and you’re keeping the colour within the lines. Blot your lips and you’re ready to go!

Metallic Blue

Ways to Rock a Statement Lip

Metallic blue is a lip colour we bet you thought could never look nice. However, after you’ve seen the picture above – we’re sure you’ve changed your minds! Copy this gorgeous girl by being super brave with your lip choices. Choose an iridescent bright blue and paint your lips fully with this colour. Echo the iridescent with your highlighter – particularly in the inner corner of the eyes. This will complete the look.

Bold and Bare

Ways to Rock a Statement Lip

Nude shades are a huge trend in the lip world thanks to the likes of the Kardashians. The gorgeous Alexa Chung is rocking a nude lip in the picture above and we think you should too! Nude statement lips are absolutely perfect for when you have exciting and dramatic eye makeup. A nude lip looks like ‘your lips but better’ – so you really can’t go wrong.

Deep and Dark Red

Ways to Rock a Statement Lip

Dark red is a delicious lip shade which most certainly screams statement. Whether you opt for one which is more burgundy toned or has touches of brown, choosing a dark red matches almost any complexion. A refreshing change from a more pillar box red, choose a dark red and compliment the look with dark eyes too – just like this lady pictured above.

Coral Pink

Ways to Rock a Statement Lip

Coral is the prettiest shade which suits every single complexion. That’s why we love a coral shade as a statement lip! The gorgeous lady above looks absolutely incredible, providing the perfect inspiration for your statement lip. Coral lips are the perfect accompaniment to a light coverage look. Add a light smokey eye and subtle rosy cheeks for the best finished face.

Neon Purple Lipstick

Ways to Rock a Statement Lip

Simple and sophisticated – these are two words to describe this amazing statement lip look. Neon purple might seem a little frightening at first for a lip colour, but when teamed with a simple makeup look it looks incredible. For the eye makeup, simply use a thick black line with a flick. Opt for a simple base with a subtle flush of pink. Finish with bright neon lipstick.

Orange-Red Lip

Ways to Rock a Statement Lip

Orange-red is such a unique shade of lip. It creates the very definition of statement lip. Such a unique colour will finish your look off to perfection. You simply have to try this look! Opt for a smokey eye look. Choose lots of brown and bronze tones to create your look. Keep your complexion and base make up light. Finish with this pop of lipstick!

Hot Pink Lips

Ways to Rock a Statement Lip

Hot pink is an absolutely incredible statement lip shade. It’s simply perfect for summer too. That’s exactly why you need to learn to recreate this look perfectly. With such a bright and bold shade on the lips, you only need a nice shimmer of gold or champagne across the eyelid. Add a touch of highlighter to the nose or the cupid’s bow for the finishing touch.

Teal Lips

Ways to Rock a Statement Lip

Teal lips are most certainly classed as a statement lip. Whilst seeming like a pretty outrageous choice at first, we think you’ll agree the lady above looks pretty impressive with blue lips! Look for brands like Urban Decay or Kat Von D for your super bright lipsticks. Match the shade to a colour in your eye shadow to blend the entire look together.

Classic Red Lip

Ways to Rock a Statement Lip

Finishing on the most classic statement lip of all time – a true red. A red lip is simply the best way to work a statement style into your makeup routine. With a red lip, you truly feel like you can conquer the world! You can blen it with smokey eyes or keep your makeup simple. Emma Watson above has kept it simple. Lashings of mascara, a touch of blush and beautiful red lips.

No matter what colour or style is to your taste – a statement look is a colour which will suit absolutely everyone. Which one is your favorite style? We’d love to hear from you!

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