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28 Casual Wedding Hairstyles For Effortlessly Chic Brides

There are more and more casual and modern weddings, such weddings require not so many preparations and you won’t have to fuss so much about your big day and will feel more relaxed. If you’ve chosen such a relaxed wedding theme and want to have as little mess with preparations as possible, you need to create a casual bridal look. First of all, choose a casual wedding gown and second – your hair should be casual, too! This roundup will show you some cool casual wedding hair examples and maybe you’ll get inspired!


One of the simplest hairstyles you can easily recreate anytime is a ponytail. It may be a usual sleek one, or a ponytail with a volume and texture achieved with some waves or beach waves. There are also messy ponytails with waves to try, a low ponytail is easy to make and easy to re-make if you need it. You can also add a twist to your ponytail or several twisted bangs to make the hairstyle more interesting.

a wavy and voluminous high ponytail looks chic and feminine, besides it's a timeless solution

a very messy low ponytail with some beach waves is ideal for beach and tropical brides

a simple messy ponytail with light waves that give the poytail a texture

side messy wavy ponytail with hair down won’t take much time to make

a casual ponytail with waves and twists is perfect for a modern or minimalist bride

a low ponytail with twists and waves for a modern bride

Half Updos

A half updo is a timeless solution, which is easy to make yourself. A half updo can be made more interesting with waves, curls, braids and twists. You can also tuck some foliage or flowers into your hair and make the hairstyle cooler. Such a look will be a nice idea not only for a casual modern bride but also for a woodland or boho one, it’s a very romantic idea.

a half updo with a braid and waves and some baby's breath tucked into the hair

long wavy red hair with a poytail incorporated and a creamy bow for a romantic bride

messy wavy braided half updo with fresh foliage is great for a boho or modern bride

a casual messy braided low updo with bangs is ideal for those brides who don’t want much mess

a casual braided and twisted low updo with bangs with some greenery in it

a casual messy braided updo with bangs and a small hairpiece to accentuate it

short wavy hair with a large braid on top is useful for a casual or boho wedding

a voluminous side fishtail braid is easy to recreate yourself

a messy braid is always a good idea for any bride because braids are in trend and they fit many styles

a delicate twisted braid with some bangs looks very chic and subtle


Messy updos can be chignon ones, messy twisted ones and many other types with bangs and waves. Messy low buns are great, too, and messy wavy updos are welcome for effortlessly chic brides, and you will feel gorgeous with them. Get inspired by the ideas below!

a casual messy updo with a twisted chignon and a rhinestone hairpiece to accentuate it

a casual twisted updo with a double chignon and a rhinestone hairpiece for an accent

a messy low bun with bangs and a shiny accessory for a cool modern look

a messy twisted chignon with some bangs and lily of the valey tucked in

a messy wavy and twisted updo for an effortlessly chic bride

a twisted low bun with bangs will fit many bridal styles, and you can make it a couple of minutes

a very messy low updo with twists and bangs for an effortlessly chic look

low twisted chignon looks cute and elegant and is very easy to recreate


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