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26 Short Wedding Hairstyles And Ways To Accessorize Them

All the brides around are looking for difficult hairstyles and you have short hair? No problem, girls, short hair is easier to style and looks no less amazing. Besides, there are a lot of ideas to accessorize such hair showing off your gorgeous style. Let’s have a look at the coolest ideas and some accessories to try.

Pixie Haircuts

If you ask me, I’d say that a pixie haircut is totally beautiful and chic in itself, and you needn’t any accessories to look flawless. If you want to look bolder, just choose a bright color for your hair: pink, purple, blue, silver or just wear a bold lipstick. But if you still want some accessories , there are several ways to accessorize your short hair. Floral crowns are one of the hottest trends in the wedding world, and you can rock it for a beautiful look. A more comfortable version will be a greenery, succulent or floral headband that won’t fall anywhere and will be in place during the whole day. Rhinestones and jewels are welcome, too! Jeweled headbands and pearl hairpieces are great to make your look more glam and outstanding, just choose right pieces.

a cool short wedding hairstyle accessorized with a rhinestone and pearl headband for a glam look

a stylish pixie haircut needs no accessories, it looks bold itself, just choose a cool lipstick

a pixie hairstyle with a fresh floral and greenery headband plus sapphire earrings for a statement

a short red hairstyle accentuated with a cute fresh flower and greenery hair pin to make the look romantic

a short haircut accessorized with a colorful fresh flower headband of pink, orange, white flowers, greenery and thistles

a pixie haircut with a fresh crown of pink roses, succulents and greenery for a romantic and sexy bride

a modern daring bride with a textural pixie haircut, a bold lip and fresh floral accessories

accentuate your pixie haircut with a sparkling jeweled headband to add a glam touch

a pixie haircut with waves and a floral rhinestone headband looks wow and very feminine

a pixie haircut with a fresh floral crown in beautiful pastel shades and a veil added

Longer Haircuts

Longer haircuts may be done with waves and curls – this way you’ll give more volume to your hair. Vintage waves are perfect for glam brides who want a touch of Old Hollywood style, small curls on the ends will look super cute. If the hair length allows, you can go for a small and cute braid on top as braids are very popular now. As for hair accessories, the range is almost the same as with the pixie haircut: floral headbands and crowns, rhinestones and pearl hairpieces and maybe fascinators if they fit your bridal style. A lush floral and greenery crown (maybe with succulents?) is a super trendy and cool solution, and a jeweled headband or hairpiece is a nice way to add a sparkle to your look. Get inspired by the ideas below!

a chic wavy hairstyle with a rhinestone headband and a berry lip will make you stand out for sure

a curly hairstyle with a fresh greenery and purple bloom crown and a matching bouquet

a gorgeous curly red hairstyle and a bold red lip looks incredibly sexy and chic

a messy wavy hairstyle accessorized with a fresh flroal headband of white, red blooms and greenery

a short wavy hairstyle in the 1920s style with a rhinestone headpiece and a red lip for a flawless look

a short wavy hairstyle with a lush floral crown with fuchsia blooms, white flowers and greenery and a matching lipstick

vintage waves are perfect for 1920s and other retro weddings, or for glam Old Hollywood weddings

wavy short hair with some curls and a volume will fit most of bridal styles

smooth, shiny waves with a jeweled piece for a glamorous touch to make a sparkling statement

short wavy hair with a volume and a fresh floral headband as a cute accessory

short wavy hair with a floral crown inspired by the fall, with berries and succulents

a wavy hairstyle with fresh white blooms and greenery on the back for a romantic bride

curly wedding hair looks very cute, chic and feminine, and will fit many bridal styles

naturally curly short hairstyle highlighted with fesh purple and white blooms on one side

red short hair with braids on top and a black bow with rhinestones for an elegant modern bride

short curly bridal hair with a side pearl hairpiece to make a glam and girlish accent

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