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20 Ideas To Rock A Dark Lipstick At Your Wedding

A dark lipstick is a hot trend but still many brides try to stay away from it – but not all! More and more brides dare to try this trend nowadays, not only for fall or Halloween but also for other season and various wedding themes. If you want to spruce up your look with a dark lip, we’ve prepared some tips and examples to do that right to make a statement.

Even if you have a professional makeup artist, most of brides need to refresh lip makeup during the day, more or less, so you have to know how to do that right. The longevity of your lip look depends on four major factors: exfoliation, hydration, liner, and formula.

Before applying any kind of lipstick, your lips need to be prepped like a clean blank canvas. Start by buffing away dead skin or flakes so your lipstick glides on even and smooth because a dark lipstick will show off every problem you have. Once exfoliated, seal in the moisture with a balm. Next, make sure you use a lip liner that’s as close as possible to your lipstick color, and carefully line your lips. This keeps your lipstick in check by creating a barrier between lips and skin, preventing feathering or bleeding. For extra insurance, fill the entirety of your lips with liner (not just the edges) to help the lipstick really stick.

a black bridal lip gives a rock touch to this glam and romantic bridal look

a catchy embroidered wedding dress with long fringe and a very dark maroon lipstick for a boho bridal look

a dark berry lip and black smokeys are right what you need for a dramatic bridal look

a dark berry lip is a bold statement for a blonde bride with blue eyes – such an edgy solution

a dark berry lip stands out on the face and makes a super bold statement, especially if you arne't wearign dark tones

a dark burgundy lip makes a super bold statement and the bride stands out a lot

a haunted bridal look with an aubergine lip and no other accents is a bit spooky yet very chic

a soft and subtle bridal look with a romantic dress with lace appliques is made bolder with a black lip

a super dark maroon bridal lip and a gold leaf crown make the bridal look edgy

a very dark and plump berry lip is a bright statement for a light makeup, don’t make any other accents

a very dark burgundy bridal lip is exactly what you need to make your winter wedding look a bit decadent and refined

a very dark burgundy lip and subtle burgundy smokeys are a great idea for an elegant fall wedding

add a bit of edge to your bridal look with a trendy braided hairstyle and an almost black bridal lip

an aubergine lip and a super bright floral crown spruce up the bridal look making it very edgy

an aubergine lip is a bold and non-traditional idea and is a great way to stand out a lot on your big day

if it’s a Halloween or haunted wedding, why not wear a dark lipstick to create a unique look

purple smokeys and a dark burgundy bridal lip for a unique and statement look and a crown for a bit of edge

red hair and a very dark burgundy lip make the romantic bridal look balanced and more rock-like


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