There are a multitude of hairstyles to vary and always adopt a new option. However, there are some that are always in great demand and have already become classics. The ponytail hairstyle is in this category and is the choice of several women who like to be sophisticated and with their hair up.

The ponytail stands out for not requiring many techniques to perform it and can easily be done at any time, just have something to hold the hair. Learn how to make different types of ponytails and get inspired with great ideas of this hairstyle.

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Ponytail hairstyle: step by step
Simple ponytail hairstyle
Ponytail hairstyle with tuft
Ponytail hairstyle with braid
Ponytail hairstyle: step by step
Making a simple ponytail seems like an easy task. However, knowing some tips and tricks, it is possible to leave your hairstyle with a professional face and rock when it is time to get ready for a party. Below, watch videos that show the step by step of modern and elaborate horse tails.

ponytail hairstyle ideas

Youtuber Jessica Belcost teaches you how to make four types of ponytails. All are easy to make and great options to vary when combing. The tails can be used in everyday life or for a special occasion. Check out the video and learn how to do it!

A ponytail done right on the top of the head, with the threads well pulled and aligned is what youtuber Lívia Nunes teaches to do in this video. The result is a modern, stripped hairstyle that can be made to be worn day and night. Learn, in the video, the step by step and see all the tips for your tail to be perfect.

Simple ponytail hairstyle

The ponytail can be a very simple option to do. Just tie all your hair and you will have a modern hairstyle, which will make you more elegant and sophisticated. To check out some simple ponytail hairstyle ideas just scroll the screen.

 Attach the tail to the very top of the head

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Ponytail and braid make an unbeatable pair. Play this duo whenever you want something romantic, modern and delicate. From a sophisticated party to the most common walks, the ponytail with braid is the hairstyle.

The tail can be simple or more elaborate, it can come with accessories, with braid or with a tuft, regardless of its shape, it is a classic hairstyle and it goes well on many occasions. In addition, there are options that are very easy to do and that you can adopt. Invest in this hairstyle always!

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