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21 Trendiest Pink And Red Nails to Explore

Whether you are a romantic girl or just want to create an impression for Valentine’s Day, pink and red nails are something you have to try!

Beautiful Pink and Red Nails

If you want to celebrate this with your loved one, take your manicure to the next level with some gorgeous pink and red nails.

#1. Pink and Red Ombre Nails

pink and red ombre nails

For these mesmerizing long coffin nails, you can create an ombre that starts from a pale pink and ends in an electric red hue.  Make your fingers look brilliant by adding some glitter.

#2. Dark Red and Pink Nails

dark red and pink nails

Keep your nails short and paint them in glossy pink shade. Gain all the attention on your nails with some tiny dark red details.

#3. Light Pink and Red Nails

light pink and red nails

Your nails will look bloody fantastic!  Get your nails in an almond shape, choose a gorgeous pink color and use some red nail polish to create a dripping liquid effect.

#4. Pink and Red Nails for Christmas

pink and red nails for Christmas

#5. Pink and Red Gel Nails

pink and red gel nails

#6. Pink and Red Glitter Nails

#7. Pink and Red Nails for Valentine’s Day

#8. Pink+Red +Gold Combo

#9. Red and Pink Acrylic Nails

#10. Red and Pink Stiletto Nails

red and pink stiletto nails

#11. Pink and Red Coffin Nails

pink and red coffin nails

#12. Black And Hot Pink Combo

This hot pink and black combination is something extremely attractive. Using black along with other colors is a common trend. You can give this trend a new dimension by using pink in between black designs. A black stripe or a stone can also be used to make your nails look stunning.

#13. Twinkle Red Pink

Shiny pink acrylic color and glitters are used to give this twinkling look. Silvery glitters are the perfect catalyst if you want to have a shiny look. So, your glittery pink nails are ready to be shown to the world.

#14. Divergent Pink

This design is perfect if you want to have a disparate nail design. Use rhinestones, light pink color, and black to give this look on your fingertips. Use black with the deep pink to create leopard design or anything you desire.There are no hard and fast rules, so use your imagination to give a better outlook.

#15. Pleasing Pink

pink Stiletto Nail Ideas

Pink is pleasant to be looked at sometimes. This design really is healing to the eyes. Different shades and tones of pink are used to give this amazing look. You can use little bit white or red color to have pink color of different degrees.

#16. Paint Dripping

Shocking Pink Stiletto Nail Design

Your nails will look amazing in paint dripping. Paint dripping is a technique in which paint is splashed or poured on the canvas. A pink base drawn with the dripping of different colors looks absolutely stunning.

You can use paint dripping to make the design different. Fill other fingers with nude pink color and have the dripping on two or three nails. Your nails are ready to be admired!

#17. Negative Space

Pink can give a beautiful look with the help of negative space and rhinestones. Fill your nails with light pink color keeping angular shaped negative space at the bottom of the nails. Then use some rhinestones to complete the design. That is it! Your pink nails are ready.

Princess Vibe with Pink Nail Design

#18. Red Matte And Stones

Matte Red Stiletto Nails

Red matte can be a simple way to make your nails look beautiful. Use matte base on the nails for a nonshiny surface. Then use red stones to do the shinning. It will be a completely balanced design.

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#19. Glittery Red With Rings

Long Stiletto Nail Design

Girls wear rings to complement their nail designs lately. A choosy mind is very careful about her style. So, there should be a perfect combo of rings and nails for this design. You can use a shiny and glittery acrylic red and rings as per your choice for this design.

#20. Shining Bright

Ombre Red Stiletto Nail

This design will shine brightly among all the other girls at your party. If you want to spellbound someone special’s eyes with dazzling nails designs, it is a must-try idea.

The red color gets the appropriate shine with the help of white and silver glitters. Use red color of different tones for a better design. You will definitely shine bright.

#21. Charming Red

Red Stiletto Nail Design

Red itself is a beauty. Try this very simple but adorable nail design. Use pure red to fill the base of your nails. You don’t have to try anything different, just use good red nail polish and brush it with full attention. That is the charm of pure red.

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Red and Pink will never lose appeal among girls. This has also become the newest trend for nail design. If your nails are designed with red and pink this will turn out to be a fashionable look. You can have a look at our designs and combine them with your imagination.

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