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25 Ways To Rock A Top Knot At Your Wedding

A top knot bun hairstyle is classics for any kind of event, especially for weddings. Though you may say that it’s too boring and usual, suitable only for formal weddings, I’ll convince you it’s not true. There are many fresh takes on a traditional top knot and many relaxed top knots to go for – they will easily fit various wedding types and themes. Besides, you may accessorize your top knot in different edgy ways. Let’s start!

Top Knot Options

A large ballerina bun is classics, you can never go wrong with it, especially if you are having a formal wedding. If you want a more relaxed and glam feel for your look, you may rock some dimension and texture and make the top and knot looser. If you feel like simple and very relaxed options, think of super messy top knots – as if you’ve just woken up and decided to go like that, it will add a nonchalant and relaxed touch at once. Looking for catchier and bolder ideas? Then it’s time for braids! You may rock a fully braided top knot, an upside down braid on the back of your hairstyle, or go for various types of braids on top: French, waterfall, fishtail or usual ones. One more easy yet braided idea is to cover your top knot with a little braid. Go for a whole double braided halo around your head and a top knot if you have long hair, it’s gonna look spectacular!

a fully braided top knot is a cool take on a traditional top knot and braids are veyr trendy

a gorgeous braided top knot with a little braid for detailing and some locks down is a bold idea

a large ballerina bun is classics, which is ideal for a formal wedding in any venue

a voluminous and textural top knot with a bump, some locks down and a couple of thinestone hairpieces

a triple French braid with a top knot is a wow idea for a rustic or boho bride

a top knot hairstyle with a braid around is a freah take on a usual one

a sleek top knot decorated with a fishtail braid is an edgy and cool idea to rock

an elegant and sleek top knot with twisted elements and a bump on top for a formal wedding

a wavy top knot with a braid on top is ideal to spruce up a traditional bun

a wedding top knot with some loose hair is a chic and effortless hairstyle for a bride

a wavy and curly top knot and a bump spruced up with a braid and some locks down is a wow option

a waterfall braid top knot is a creative idea to rock instead of a usual plain top knot

spruce up your top knot with a cool braid on the back, it's perfect for a boho bride

a large braided top knot accented with a rhinestone hairpiece and matching jewelry for a glam feel

a top knot can be accented with a rhinestone and pearl hairpiece on one side and you may wear matching earrings

an elegant and chic twisted top knot with a dimension and texture and some locks down plus a hairpiece for an accent

highlight your voluminous top knot with a refined and trendy hair vine, and add some locks down

you may accent your top knot with a eucalyptus branch, it’s an edgy alternative to a greenery crown

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