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7 Winter Wedding Makeup Tips And 24 Ideas

Winter wedding season hasn’t begun yet but the season of preparations for winter nuptials is on, and we start our winter-dedicated roundups with winter wedding makeup tips and ideas.

Winter wedding makeup is tricky just like summer makeup because at least some of the photos are going to be taken outside, and it may be really cold there. Besides, the difference of temperatures may be even more harmful for your skin than cold itself. To look shiny, gorgeous and chic on your big day in the winter read our tips and look at the ideas.

  • In the fall and winter your skin is thirstier than in any other season, that’s why you need to update your skincare regimen as soon as it’s cold outside and emphasize hydration. Don’t try a lot of new products to avoid irritation, just swap a couple of things to make your skin as plump and moisturized as possible. It will make all the difference for creating a flawless canvas for your wedding day.

neutral winter makeup with no bronzer

moisturize your skin in the winter as much as possible to get a perfect canvas

emphasize hydration as winter weather may be frosty

don’t use SPF products on your winter wedding day to avoid that paled out look outside

extra slickness of SPF products can eat through your makeup

cream formulas will hydrate and provide coverage at the same time, that’s what you need in the winter

creamy makeup formulas look natural and are easy to touch if you shred a tear

bold lips amazing with a white dress and in the snowy backdrop

bolder colors tends to have stronger, longer lasting pigments

classic red lip is timeless and chic

  • Stock up on waterproof formulas. This is the time to invest in high quality products with long-wear and waterproof formulas, or make sure your makeup artist has them handy. Cold air and harsh winds will probably make you teary-eyed way before you’re ready to walk down the aisle. So if you’re worried about smudging, apply a cream shadow on your lids and use it as an anchor for a waterproof powder shadow. And of course, top it off with a water-resistant mascara for an eye makeup look that will stay put.

waterproof makeup will help you to withstand cold air and harsh winds

opt for long-wear and waterproof fomulas to avoid smudging

  • Work with winter light. Make sure to opt for light-reflecting foundations and concealers, which bounce away the bluish tone to neutralize your skin. Then stick to blue-toned lipsticks and blushers instead of warmer, orange-toned makeup, as the color won’t shift when you step outside, and is more likely to flatter your skin.

choose light-reflecting foundations and concealers

stick to blue-toned lipsticks and blushers to have good pics outside

  • You can wear a bit of bronzer if you want. The general rule is picking a shade just one level up from your natural skin tone. Be very focused about where you sweep it, targeting the hairline, nose and cheekbones, to give a natural-looking tint as if you’ve just been up on the slopes.

wear just a bit of bronzer

pick a shade just one level up from your natural skin tone

Now have a look at winter wedding makeup done right!

bold lips always look perfect in snowy settings

not much bronzer and a classic red lip works great for the winter

winter wedding makeup with creamy formulas and a subtle smokey eye

creamy long-lasting makeup with a pink lip

waterproof makeup with a bold pink lip

perfect creamy winter makeup with a classic red lip

natural porcelain look with bold lips

Christmas makeup with perfectly moisturized skin and lips

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