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45 Charming Bride’s Wedding Hairstyles For Naturally Curly Hair

Girls with straight locks usually dream of having curls, while the girls with wavy hair keep fighting curls on a daily basis, trying to tame them down. Why would you do that, gals? It’s time to embrace the natural beauty that you have and be yourself, especially on your wedding day. We thought we should bring you some of the most gorgeous hairdos to prove how much charm there is in curls and show you the awesome ways to style them. If you’re blessed with amazingly gorgeous naturally curly hair, today’s article is for you!

Curls are effortlessly romantic and offer a relaxed glamour like no other. But if you’re terrified of the humidity on your mid-summer time wedding day, or you’ve planned seaside nuptials, scroll down and you’ll find some inspiring updos, down styles and some pretty half updos which will frame and tame those curls beautifully.

Curly Updos

If you need a long-lasting hairstyle that will keep you picture-perfect all day long, choose an updo. It may be low or high, with a sleeker or curly and messy bump, with twists, braids and buns of all kinds – your natural curls will bring much interest to any updo. You may also straighten your hair if you want to make the look sleeker and neater or go all-messy, this is trendy today.

tie up your curly hair into a large twisted low bun, it will look very textural and messy, which is trendy

a messy updo with a chignon, a messy bump and soem bangs is a refined and elegant option

a messy twisted low updo with curls and bangs is a very romantic option, which fits many bridal styles

a messy blonde updo with bangs won’t take much time or effort and will fit many bridal styles

a low bun with straightened hair and locks down is an exquisite option to rock at a wedding

a loose curly updo with fishtail braid is neat and tame, it’s trendy and very boho-like

a high chignon with a side braid is a chic and elegant option to rock, it feels refined

a curly messy low bun with bangs is a timeless idea for girls with curls – looks very pretty and relaxed

a curly low updo with locks down and twists with a single floral hairpin will add romance to your look

a braided low updo with natural curls is a chic textural idea that will make a statement in your look

an updo with a sleek top and a braided and curly low bun plsu fresh blooms as an accent

a curly updo with a hair vine to keep it in place is a cool casual option

a curly side low bun accented with a feather hairpiece is great for art deco weddings

a chignon hairstyle with straightened curls looks natural, casual and catchy

a curly double braided low bun is great for many bridal styles, from more romantic to boho ones

a braided and messy updo with curls is a chic idea, a rhinestone hair vine will make it amazing

straightened curls done into a top knot for a more elegant and sleek look

a simple low bun with curls turns into a spectacular and fantastic hairstyle, and you may DIY it easily

a curly updo with a low bun and a braided halo is a chic hairstyle that will last all day long

curly hair straighetened into a chic updo with side braids to make the look sleeker

raise your curly hair into a comfy and chic updo and add some fresh blooms

a low bun with a double braided halo and some curls down is a long-lasting option to go for

a curly updo with a bead and sequin hairpiece and some bangs is romantic and very chic

a simple half updo with a knot and curls down can be DIYed in a couple of minutes and looks unusual

a half updo with twists and a braid is a simple hairstyle to wear on your big day

a half updo with a large side braided halo and locks down will easily accent your folksy or boho look

a half updo with a sleek top and lots of curls is a fun and bright idea

a side half updo with curls and bangs is a chic and very girlish idea of a wedding hairstyle

a half updo with a braid is a statement with curls, curls always make your hair more catchy

you may easily give a desired texture to your curls making them look like you want

a simple half updo with your natural curls looks very natural and very cute, you won't need much effort

side flat twists with a high ponytail will keep your hair away from the face throughout the day

a messy low ponytail with bangs is a chic idea to rock for a modern wedding, it will take you a minute to make

a low ponytail with a braided halo is a long-lasting hairstyle that will keep you picture-perfect all day long

a curly long braids coming into a single braid is a whimsy and very boho chic idea

a voluminous curly twisted braid is great for relaxed and boho chic bridal styles

rock shoulder-length curls, this length is the trendiest idea now

you may highlight your curls with a colorful floral crown, which is a trendy idea

short curls look very sassy and cool, you don't need anything else to rock

a bush of curly hair will perfectly fit a boho chic or a gypsy-inspired bridal look

give much volume to your hair or highlight the existign volume to make a statement

a naturally wavy hairstyle is on top right now, you may give your curls a different texture if you want


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