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25 Bridesmaids’ Half Up Hairstyles That Inspire

Half up half down hairstyles are extremely popular for any special occasion including weddings because they fit many hair lengths except for the very short ones, they look very romantic and fit many outfits, from modern to rustic-inspired. Today we’ll have a look at some beautiful half ups for bridesmaids, maids of honor and other girls that take part in weddings – we’ve already shown some of such hairdos for brides.

There are a lot of ideas to try – some of them are classic like a wavy half updo with some volume, other will do for a relaxed wedding, for example, a braided and twisted half up, other fit formal events like half up ponytails accented with barrettes and hairpieces. There’s always something for your hair length, outfit style and looks you like, so let’s take a look at some chic options.

Braided Half Updos

Braids have conquered the world and they are totally everywhere, that’s why you’ll easily find a ton of braided updos and half updos for any hair length. More or less formal, more or less romantic, with fishtail and Dutch braids, with braided halos or one-side braids – there exist a ton of ideas to try right now. Braids are suitable for medium-length, short and long hair, you can add waves and curls to braided half updos, or go for long hair down. Accent your hair with a hairpiece or a barrette if you want or leave your look as it is – braids are eye-catchy anyway.

a braided wavy half updo on medium-length hair is a chic idea

a chic half updo with waves, twists and a fishtail braid going down

a double braid halo with wavy locks down for a romantic and relaxed or boho look

a fishtail braided half updo with waves and an eye-catchy geometric hairpiece that adds a boho feel

a layered half updo with a large one side braid and hair down is a non-typical option

a messy curly braided half updo on short hair is a cute and fast to realize idea

a twisted half updo with an accent braid and waves for a relaxed wedding

a wavy half updo with a thick fishtail braid on one side and twisted hair on the second

Dutch braided half updo hairstyle with long hair down for those who don't want any waves

long wavy half updo with a fishtail braid and volume on top for a boho feel

wavy half updo with a braid and volume and with ombre coloring for a more interesting look

a double twisted half updo with a fishtail braid and straight hair down

Twisted Half Updos

Twists are no less popular than braids, they are easier to make and last long. It can be just a twisted half updo with volume and curls, or a twisted and braided half up with curls or waves, or even a twisted or braided and twisted half up ponytail. Double twisted half up fishtail braid can be an interesting option for a boho wedding.

a twisted wavy half updo is a chic idea to try and is great for both long and medium-length hair

a cool twisted half up ponytail with long waves down for a relaxed wedding

a twisted half-up braid with beach waves is a chic idea for mdeium-length hair and if you don't need anything formal

a chic twisted halo wavy half updo looks especially interesting with balayage

a twisted braided half up ponytail accented with a geometric hairpiece

a simple twisted updo with waves and some volume is great for relaxed weddings

Other Ideas

A half updo with volume and curls or waves is a classic option suitable for any wedding style and location. If you want a playful and quirky idea, make a hair bow and add curls to look like Alice in Wonderland, or try a simple half up ponytail with some accent. Get inspired and be gorgeous, girls!

a fun half updo with waves and a bow of hair for those who want a playful look

a half up ponytail is classics, it’s accented with a floral black bow here

a pretty half up hairstyle with curls and volume on op is a chic idea for any girl

a simple half up half down hairstyle with waves is a classic and timeless option


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