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Rainbow hair: 35 ideas and tutorials for a style full of personality

The colored hair is already full of attitude, imagine, so with all the colors of the rainbow! As the name suggests, it is inspired by the seven colors that make up the famous luminous arc and comes in various styles and gradients. Before leaving for the salon, how about taking a look at the photos of this magical look?

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50 rainbow hair ideas that are a festival of colors

This type of hair is an art: in addition to being able to be made in various ways, the precision of colors and gradients is impressive. Next, you can check photos to get inspired and color the threads:

1. The rainbow effect is vibrant

Medium Length Rainbow Hair

Medium length hair suits most colors and styles, and rainbow is no different. Whether you choose all-over multicolor streaks or a hidden rainbow, your hair will be perfectly festival-ready. For an unusual and whimsical option, try pairing the ‘dappled’ rainbow look with loose waves, which are beautifully flattering on medium-length hair.

Incredible, isn’t it? This look full of personality is not so simple to achieve and the technique can be laborious, but you can check the following topic and analyze if it is a good try to do at home:

How to make rainbow hair

After these inspirations, I wanted to make a rainbow in my hair, I know! So don’t worry, as we have selected 4 videos that show the step by step of this technique:

After doing the technique, it is important to maintain the care of the wires. This is because it is difficult to keep the hair with the colors always vibrant and the excessive touch-up can end the health of the locks. See tips to ensure always silky and well-maintained hair:

  • Hydration: hydrate frequently and pay attention to each colored strand.
  • Use suitable shampoos: to wash the hair, use shampoo for colored hair. Thus, it is possible to keep the colors for a longer period.
  • Do not overdo the washes: in the first weeks, wash only what is necessary. This will prevent the strands from fading quickly and help to keep the color longer.
  • Make a capillary schedule : due to discoloration, hair will need to undergo regular reconstruction, nutrition and hydration treatments.

After joining the style, just abuse the photos and hairstyles to enjoy your rainbow hair! And for you who love to dare in the visual, see also incredible ideas of short hair with highlights .

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