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35+ Most Viewed 2020 Short Hairstyle That You Must Try

A change in the look raises our self-esteem and makes us even more confident, and nothing better than a haircut that pleases us for this transformation. If you do not give up the long locks, it is possible to keep them always renewed with cuts that enhance the threads, but if you are tired of the same cut as always, how about betting on a very short and bold? To find the cut that suits you best, check out the 2020 haircut bets and start the year rocking.

20 cuts that will blow in 2020

As in fashion, there are the haircuts that are the trend of the season and the most requested in beauty salons. We have selected 20 cuts that are successful among bloggers and celebrities for you to be inspired. Check out:

The medium cut remains high, as do the curls and bulky strands. And if you like to dare, you can be inspired by the short shorts like short bob or long bob or the straight ends, geometric fringes and full of attitude.

Long haircuts 2020

If you don’t give up your hair and long hair, here are some sure cuts to get inspired:

There are many different thoughts about the short hair style. While some women find short hair attractive and beautiful, some women consider the short hair style masculine. Choose your own hairstyle, without having to worry about what you think. The most important factor in choosing hair is the shape of your face. What needs to be done here is simple. We’ll need a pencil ruler and mirror.

When you look in the mirror, if the distance from the earlobe to the jaw is less than or equal to 5.7 cm, it is safe to make a short haircut. If the resulting distance is more than 5.7 cm, this means that medium length haircuts or long hair are more suitable for you. In this article you will see different hair cut photos. Choose your own style.

Peaked cuts as well as undulations in the strands give movement and volume to the strands. And if you like good hair, bet on straight cuts.

Medium haircuts 2020

Medium haircuts are versatile and combine with different face shapes. The long bob remains high with straight ends and tidy threads. Check out:

Democratic, isn’t it? The medium length is a charm in the smooth and fine and powerful strands in the curly and voluminous hair. In addition, it is the perfect alternative for those who are tired of long locks, but are not yet ready for very short hair.

Short haircuts 2020

And if you are looking for a practical and modern cut to transform the look, you can be inspired by the short ones. In addition to being easy to maintain, the cuts are sophisticated and not obvious.

The straight and symmetrical cuts are timeless and give an air of elegance to the look. The peaks, as well as the bangs, renew the look leaving it cool and stripped.

Now that you’ve seen all these inspirations, just choose a favorite cut and make an appointment at the salon! To keep the cut and strands hydrated, here’s how to make 10 homemade hydrations with coconut oil.


Female haircuts in the bob hair style have been among the most requested in the beauty salon for many years. In 2020, the trend is to customize the model to enhance its look instead of fitting a specific pattern. You can adopt the cut in any length, from the very short with the short bob, which ends at the chin or above, to the longest, such as the double long bob, which is trimmed below the shoulders.

The straight cut in the blunt cut style is indicated for those who like a modern look because it has a geometric and minimalist finish that combines with various face shapes. The peaked style gives movement and lightness to the threads that need more body. To enhance the cut, a great finishing option is to play with more stripped and less neat textures. The Beach Waves spray, by L’Oréal Professionnel, is a great bet to apply on dry or damp hair and create stripped waves in the post-beach style, which are perfect for both casual occasions and day trips. Regardless of the occasion, the look is more youthful and current.

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