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56 Awesome Winter Wedding Nails Ideas

Most of brides want their looks to be perfect on their big days, and nails are no exception! If you are winter bride getting ready, you may like our winter wedding nails ideas, and here you’ll find everything – classics, whimsical and modern and trendy ideas. Today’s article is for winter brides (and not only brides, everyone who wants a pretty manicure!), ready for an eye-candy?

Nail Arts

Winter wedding nails can and should be eye-catching! Nail art is a cool way to make a statement and to highlight a style for a bride. Make a whimsy accent nail with a snowman, a glitter snowflake, a penguin or even a Santa Claus! They can be paired up with any shades of your nails – from nude ones to bold and even dark ones and they will give a fun touch to your look. If you are looking for a more neutral version, try nude with white or glitter snowflakes or stars – such a manicure always works and looks delicate enough. A French manicure isn’t the most actual thing but you may refresh it with glitter or with pretty snowflakes on it.

a white manicure with a gold glitter chevron and a gold glitter accent nail is a very elegant and fresh option

a white manicure with gold leaf chevrons are a timeless and stylish idea to rock for a glam wedding

bold red nails with a geometric rhinestone touch for a winter holiday wedding

red winter wedding nails with white polka dots and snowflakes are gorgeous for a snow-loving bride

blush glitter wedding nails with polka dots and painted feathers are beautiful, romantic and very chic

a silver glitter wedding manicure with snowflakes, stars and polka dots will help you shine all over

a French manicure with silver glitter and blue snowflakes plus silver patterns for a snow-loving bride

burgundy nails with silver snowflakes, blue and silver stars and snoflakes and a bit of glitter

red glitter nails and an accent Santa-inspired nail are perfect for winter or Christmas and will make your look very bright

French winter nails with blue tips, snowflakes and glitter plus stars are lovely for a winter bride

a black and blush French manicure with light blue polka dots and glitter on the tips is a beautiful idea for a glam winter bride

a black and white snowflake and glitter manicure is a creative and bold idea for a winter wedding

red glitter nails with white fit trees, stars and polka dots are a lovely and bold idea for a modern wedding

blush glitter and white nails with snowflakes are beautiful for a modern glam winter bride

a French manicure and some red accent nails with sweater-like prints will make your winter bridal look very bold

blush nails with snowflakes with some rhinestones are a romantic and chic idea for a winter bride

blush and black French nails with white polka dots that imitate snow and a black tree painted for a whimsical and fun bridal look

a white manicure with black snowflake stickers is a stylish and contrasting idea to make your look extra bold

mauve nails with a half snowflake and a gold glitter nail as an accent look fun and cool

a red manicure with white patterns – Scandinavian winter ones for a cozy and cool winter look

white nails, a pink nail with a snowflake, a silver glitter nail for a bright modern touch to your glam winter bridal look

white, grey, tan and brown nails with various Scandinavian patterns showing off snowflakes are amazing for a cozy touch

black and white wedding nails with polka dots and snowflakes will make your look bold and very stylish

bold red nails with an accent nail that shows off a green bead tree are very creative, bold and stylish for a color-loving bride

a gold glitter manicure and a bold green accent nail with a snowflake for a modern color-loving bride

a French manicure with glitter, polka dots, trees and snowmen is a stylish and whimsical idea to rock

Other Winter Wedding Nails

Winter wedding nails can be done nude – in blush, mauve and other shades like that, though you can highlight your manicure with an accent nail done with glitter or rhinestones – such nails are very much in trend and they will easily fit most of bridal styles. White nails are very popular among winter brides today, and you may spruce up your manicure with marble, ombre, watercolors and many other trendy touches. If you are ready for bold nails, then various colors, shades and glitter – that’s what you need! Don’t be afraid of bright nails: red, green and blue are traditionally associated with Christmas and winter, so they will create a right mood. If you are a glam bride or an art deco one, you may rock black, burgundy or red nails with sparkling touches like gold leaf, silver leaf glitter of any kind or some shine stickers. If you want French manicure, which isn’t currently on trend, make it fashion with a bold color combo or with a vice versa version of it. Get inspired by the stunning ideas below!

burgundy jeweled nails are a chic idea for both a fall or a winter wedding or if you love jewel tones

white, blush and gold glitter nails for a modern winter bridal manicure

white mother of pearl and grey glitter nails look very shiny, glam and chic and make your look special

white and light blue and silver gltiter nails are beautiful for a chic winter bridal look

white and iridescent wedding nails will make your look beautiful and shiny, and those iridescents will shine all over

nude matte nails are idea for any kind of bridal look, in any season and with any style

matte nude nails, nude and gold leaf marble nails are chic and elegant and look amazing

matte mauve, blush nails with touches of silver glitter for a refined, chic and girlish look

matte burgundy nails like these ones are very chic, refined and stylish and will make a colorful statement in your look

long matte red nails are timeless classics with a trendy touch for any winter wedding

glossy nude nails are chic and stylish and can fit absolutely any bridal look anytime

glitter and white nails with two rhinestones on each for a sparkly and glam holiday look

chic winter neutrals, white, grey and silver glitter for a bride who wants a fresh take on neutrals

blush nails with an accent one done with gold glitter and white chaotic stripes for an out of the box look

black matte nails with a touch of glitter for winter holidays wedding, so festive and so bold

a white nail with a shiny silver stripe, a white marble nail and grey nails for a glam and chic bridal look

a white manicure with pink glitter touches is a veyr chic and stylish idea to rock in winter

a white manicure with a negative chevron and silver glitter at the base looks amazingly stylish

a white manicure with a gold glitter accent nail is a timeless and stylish idea to rock for a winter or other bridal look

a nude manicure with a touch of glitter and silver nails for those who insist on a modern take on classics

a light grey manicure and a silver glitter accent nail compose a stylish glam manicure for a winter bride

a grey and white manicure with an accent glitter and polka dot nail looks glam and stylish

a classic red manicure spruced up with a silver glitter accent nail is perfect for Christmas

a blush manicure with a white and gold glitter marble accent nail look romantic and very chic

burgundy wedding nails with snowy touches at the base look cool and very winter-like

tiffany blue nails with polka dots, snowflakes and snowmen are lovely and bold for a bride who loves all things whimsy

blush glitter nails with polka dots are amazing for rocking at a winter or just glam wedding

a blush wedding manicure with a bit of silver glitter on top is a stylish glam idea to rock

French blush glitter and white nails are a perfect idea to add a bit of sparkle to a winter bridal look

curved French wedding nails spruced up with silver and silver glitter curves are a timeless idea not only for a winter wedding

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