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25 Baby Pink Nails That You Can Wear Right Now

If pink nails attract you like a magnet, why not get a gorgeous glossy manicure that makes your hands look so feminine and cute? Pink nails express happiness and love, and if you choose to wear this color on your nails, you won’t stop admiring them. And why should you? They look perfect!

Trendy Baby Pink Nails

If you can paint your nails the right way, they surely will produce a great result that will help you stay cool and fashionable. You can use rhinestones, bows, glitters, and different patterns to add variety to the designs. Here is a list to provide you with the best pink baby nail design ideas.

#1. Baby Pink Gel Nails

baby pink gel nails

For this cute nail manicure, you need to cut your nails in a perfect squared oval shape. Use a pale pink polish and some glitter to create a small semicircle at the base.


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#2. Baby Pink Almond Nails

baby pink almond nails

Almond nails make your hand look more feminine if cut in a medium-length.  Choose a pale pink shade for a charming effect.

#3. Baby Pink Stiletto Nails

baby pink stiletto nails

Rihanna, Cardi B, and all those glamorous Hollywood stars have pointy nails with outstanding rhinestone designs. Stiletto nails are gorgeous, especially if painted in a beautiful pale pink color.

#4. Baby Pink Holographic Nails

baby pink holographic nails

#5. Baby Pink Nails on Dark Skin

baby pink nails on dark skin

#6. Baby Pink and Silver Nails

#7. Long Baby Pink Nail Design

#8. Baby Pink and Baby Blue Nails

#9. Baby Pink Chrome Nails

baby pink chrome nails

#10. Baby Pink French Nails

baby pink nails with french tip

#11. The Lone Bow

baby pink nails with bow

Paint your nails with light pink color and place a bow on any of the middle nails. You can add a rhinestone on top of the bow to make these pink baby nails noticeable.

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#12. Matte Baby Pink Nails

matte pink lace nail design

This is an interesting design. If you want to use nail art decals/stickers you can choose this design. Transfer a lace to your nail surface using a nail wrap or decal. Then place some rhinestones on the matte pink nails to have these amazing pink baby nails.

#13. Baby Pink Acrylic Nails

Want to wear artificial nails? Then you can’t overlook acrylics. Paint your acrylic nails with light pink color while having baby pink nails.

#14. Baby Pink Nails with Glitter

Glitter is the ultimate solution for the shine lovers. At first, paint your nails with light pink color then add glitters as per your choice. The process is as straight as an arrow.

#15. Baby Pink Square Nails with Leopard Print

You can accentuate your baby pink nails by replacing any of the nails with a leopard print. Paint all your nails with baby pink color then use leopard print as an accent nail.

#16. Glitters & Chevrons

You can use both chevron patterns and glitters in a single design. This could be one of the most beautiful baby pink nails if you can execute the design rightly.

#17. Baby Pink Nails Coffin

Your coffin nails will look stunning in light pink color. You can add extra charm to your nails by wearing different kinds of rings together with the baby pink nails.

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#18. Cute Mustache

You can add glam to your pink baby nails by painting some cute mustaches on them. Paint a mustache on every single nail to have this cute looking design.

#19. Baby Pink Short Nails

Short baby pink nails

If you have short nails and want to adorn your nails with baby pink color, check this design out. Paint your nails with baby pink color keeping one nail on each finger white. Then put a rose nail design to have these baby pink nails.

#20. Pile of Stones

Baby Pink stiletto nails

Stones can help you get a stunning nail design. All you have to do is place them wisely so that they don’t look imposed or unwanted. A pile of stones on the little fingernails will do good for this design.

#21. Baby Pink Ombre Nails

Ombre nails are becoming one of the most dominating nail designs recently. The art of blending two colors so smoothly is to be admired by all. So, you can paint your nails with two shade of light pink colors while having these baby pink nails.

#22. A Piece of Dream

baby pink nail design idea

If you have an imaginative my mind, you must have been craving for a fancy design. Try this one. You can use both pink and baby pink color for this design.

#23. Glittery Stripes

If you are a shine lover, you can express your love by applying glitters on your baby pink nails. Make sure you do this in a well-organized way.

#24. Edgy Lines

You can add diversity to your nails simply by placing a striping tape on the edges of the nails.

#25. 3 Shades of Pink

Baby pink nail design

Baby pink is merely a shade of pink. There are many more of the shades. You can paint your nails with three different shades of pink while having baby pink nails.

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The pink color itself is beautiful. You don’t have to do much to make your baby pink nails impressive. Just paint the nails with light pink color and add the conventional extensions to make them look amazing.

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