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26 Trendy Spring Wedding Manicure Ideas

If you are a spring bride, and are looking for the last touches to your bridal look, this roundup may be useful for you: we are sharing amazing spring wedding nails ideas. Of course, you can go for any nails you like but if you want a chic spring manicure considering the latest trends, have a look at these ideas.

The main trend for manicure in the world is simplicity and laconic looks – no too bold and difficult to create nail arts, no too many stickers, rhinestones, beads and other elements. So the manicure ideas are rather simple though very chic, and many of them can be easily recreated by you yourself. Let’s take a look at them.

Nude Nails

Nude nails are one of the hottest trends of this year, and there can’t be anything more natural than nude nails for a spring or summer wedding. As this is your big day, think over some accents: little rhinestones on the nails, gold and rose gold glitter touches or whole accent nails, color blocking, glitter and metallic stripes and so on. Pure nude matte nails are another cool idea, they look pure and absolutely perfect, plus they go well with any bridal style. Forget French manicure – it’s no longer in trend but if you can’t live without it, go for a trendy French ombre look and accent the nails with rhinestones here and there.

nude nails with tiny rhinestones and a whole accent rhinestone nail for a glitter touch

nude nails with rose gold glitter touches at the base of the nails

ombre French nails with a touch of bling for a very elegant and chic touch in your bridal look

nude manicure with a rose gold half moon accent to add a glitter touch to the look

nude nails and color block white and gold glitter accent nails for a contemporary geometric touch

nude nails with a slight touch of gold glitter at the ends for a cute and glam touch

nude glossy nails with metallic stripes for a modern accent - a chic idea to make your nails catchy

matte blush manicure is a great idea for any kind of bridal look, it’s 100% universal

matte blush almond-shaped nails are a stylish idea that will fit any bridal look

blush almond nails with a single metallic stripe on one nail for a contemporary feel

blush almond nails with silver glitter triangles as accent for a cute touch

blush nails with rose gold accent ones are a very romantic and cute option

nude nails with just a little bling so it won't compete with your ring

creamy nails and a couple of white marble accent nails for a chic and bold touch

pink marble nails is a trendy and chic touch for a spring bridal look

ombre French manicure with marble accents and rose gold accents for a trendy touch

light pink matte nails and a white marble accent nail for a trendy feel in your look

grey marble manicure is a chic modern idea for those who want an edgy touch for the nails

Neutral Nails

Neutrals of all kinds are timeless classics for spring and for brides on the whole, and if you don’t know what to choose – choose neutrals. Creamy, blush, light pink and other neutral shades are always to welcome to finish your look. Adding some glitter or other accents is a chic idea but it’s not obligatory – beautiful neutral nails will be nice, too.

blush nails with metallic touches - color block and an accent nail

blush, white nails with a rose gold glitter touch and some stripes for a glam bridal look

creamy manicure is another great idea of a neutral manicure that looks awesome with tanned skin

creamy nails with rose gold accents here and there is a very feminine option to go for

dusty pink nails are a chic option for those who are looking for nude manicures

grey manicure with a silver and a pink accent nail is a soft and tender option for a spring wedding


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