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Cute Nails To Show Off Your Love for Blue

Sometimes the best way to show off your favourite colour is with a gorgeous manicure! Choosing one shade to set your theme gives you unlimited options for customizing while still keeping the whole looked tied together!Are you excited for the blue skies and blues waters of summer?

1. Blue with glitter accent nails

Blue with glitter accent nails

Silver glitter is the perfect way to balance all that blue with a glitzy accent nail or two.

2. Swirling accent patterns

Swirling accent patterns

Break up solid colours with a swirling pattern on a white background! Toothpicks or very fine paint brushes are useful here.

3. Blue and silver geometrics

Blue and silver geometrics

Taping across a thoroughly dried nail will help you paint geometric patterns and triangles. Just make sure the polish you paint over the tape is fully dried before you try to peel it off!

4. Black-blue and glitter

Black blue and glitter

Deep blue that looks almost black will resemble an indigo night sky, especially if you add glitter in complimenting shades.

5. Glitter gradient nail bed

Reverese glitter ombre accent nail

Concentrate glitter at the bed of an accent nail and let it dissipate as you move towards the tip. It looks like fairy dust!

6. Blue with black zebra stripes

Blue with black zebra stripes

A blue background with black stripes looks like the funkiest of zebras.

7. Matte blue and a glitter tip

Matte blue and a glitter tip

Matte blue looks velvety and rich, while chunky glitter on the tip gives the look some flair.

8. Matte blue with big accent gems

Matte blue with big accent gems

Are you looking for something more dramatic than a bit of glitter? Pair that same rich matte blue with actual rhinestones!

9. Deep blue ombre

Deep blue ombre

Get all of your favourite shades of blue in at once with this deep reverse gradient on each nail.

10. Dripping blue paint

Dripping blue paint

Why not get messy and let your polish drip? Well… maybe just make it look like it’s dripping instead!

11. Blue and white fine details

Blue and white fine details

If you have time and a lot of patience, this super-fine detailed look is an amazing way to draw the eyes to your blue manicure.

12. Blue with glitter nail beds

Blue with glitter nail beds

Concentrating glitter at each nail bed contrasts nicely with the blue and brings the look a bit of subtle glamour.

13. Blue with a caviar accent nail

Blue with a caviar accent nail

A “caviar” accent nail gives your manicure some texture without overwhelming the colour.

14. Blue with silver glitter stripes

Blue with silver glitter stripes

Break up the blue to make the look a little more eye catching all around!

15. Blue velvet

Blue velvet

Yes; velvet nails are actually a thing, and we’re totally into them. You can find the fibres at your local craft store! Match them with a blue nail polish you like and dip your nail right before the polish dries!

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