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36 Romantic Spring Wedding Hairstyles That Inspire

Spring breathes with romance, I can’t imagine a better season to tie the knot. Everything is in bloom, there’s much sunlight and bird singing, what a beautiful time to exchange your vows! You can get married outdoors and enjoy all of that. One of the most important parts of every wedding is the bridal look, every detail has a meaning. You need to choose your wedding dress, shoes, accessories, makeup and hairstyle carefully to fit your style and to look harmonious altogether. Today I’d like to share some spring hairstyles for the brides that are getting married soon.

I’ve got good news for you! Spring weather doesn’t require any special hairstyles or measures to take – it’s ideal for any hairstyle you choose! If in winter cold wind or snow could spoil your hairstyle, in the spring you can choose anything you want.

Waves Down

Wavy hair down is the most romantic and one of the most popular hairstyles for brides because this is a timeless and elegant idea that will easily fir any wedding theme and any bridal style. You can choose such hair for sure because spring weather is warm and won’t spoil your waves or curls. Just keep in mind that your hair should be picture-perfect the whole day, so secure the waves very well. Add a floral and greenery crown atop, and you are a goddess!

long wavy hairstyle is ideal and timeless

long wavy hair is ideal for romantic spring nuptials

long hair down and a fresh green and flower crown

hair down with an adorable white flower headpiece

Half Up Half Down

Half up half down hair is very romantic and chic, such hairstyles fit a lot of bridal styles, from boho to classic, everything depends on the idea you choose. Many brides prefer braided half updos with fresh flowers tucked into hair of with floral crowns. Wavy and twisted half updos are another great idea for every bride, they look classic and refined.

half up half down wavy hairstyle

braided half up half down hairstyle with waves

half up half down twisted and curled hairstyle

braided wavy hairstyle with a fresh flower crown

curly hair and a large braid, fresh flowers on the side

half up hairstyle with a thick braid and a floral crown


Updos have always been and will always be leaders among bridal hairstyles. They are chic, stylish, variable and will last all day long. There are many ideas to choose from for every hair length and style. Wavy or curly updos look cool and fit any bridal style, just add some fresh flowers and greenery to them. Braided updos are loved by boho and beach brides, they are very popular now and look spring-like. I also admire messy updos: they are suitable for any hair length and look so relaxed and spring-like! All you need is just a pretty accent like a headband or a hairpiece of beads or fresh flowers.

a curled updo with a fresh flower accent

beautiful braided updo with lily of the valley

boho messy braided updo with fresh leaves

braided messy updo with a rhinestone headband

braided updo with fresh flowers and greenery

braided updo with fresh greenery and flowers

braided updo with wavy hair down

braided wavy updo with fresh white flowers

bridal wavy updo with fresh green leaves

curled and twisted bun and fresh flowers

curly updo with baby's breath

curly updo with fresh flowers tucked in it

ginger red hair bride with a wavy updo, fern and flowers

medium length hair updo with lilies of the valley

simple low bun updo with a pearl hairpiece

messy wavy updo with fresh white flowers

messy updo with fresh flowers

messy updo with a botanical-inspired headpiece

twisted updo with a fresh green sprig

wavy and twisted updo with fresh flowers and greenery

Other Ideas

Braids became popular several years ago and they are still very popular, all you need is just some flowers and greenery to accentuate it. Side swept hairstyles and side braids are chic and fit medium and long hair length. Get inspired and be gorgeous!

twisted braid with a floral crown

curled side swept hairstyle with a floral crown

curled side swept hairstyle with a floral crown

side swept hairstyle with air plants and flowers


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