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36 Beautiful Hairstyles To Rock With Veils

Though there’s a trend not to wear a veil today, many brides find veil because this is a type of accessory that is going to make you look show-stopping and make you mom and bridesmaids start crying, in a good way, of course.

There are different types of veils to choose, they should fit your bridal style and look perfect with the dress, so buy the dress before the veil. Make sure your veil doesn’t overshadow your dress, and when you go to your hair trial (and in some cases your actual hair appointment on the day) make sure you bring your veil with you. What hairstyle can you choose to look good with your veil? Let’s see what you can try with different types of veils.

Birdcage Veil

This is the shortest type of veil, and it has gained much popularity in the last few years. They’re usually worn just covering the eyes or extending down to the chin. Such a type of veil looks good with almost any hairstyle: an updo, a side updo, hair down or anything else that you love. There are cool hair combs and decorations that allow easy placing of the veil and keep the veil where you need; such accessories also add to the overall bridal look.

light polka dot birdcage veil looks good with long curls down

messy updo with a beaded birdcage veil

delicate pearl birdcage veil with a side updo

birdcage veil with a rhinestone comb and long hair down

braided updo with a birdcage veil and a fabric flower

20s inspired waves with a birdcage veil look super elegant

chic wavy updo with a bridal lace headpiece and a birdcage veil

stylish updo with a classic birdcage veil

Mantilla Veil

This is my favorite type of the veil because it makes any bride look jaw-dropping, with this veil you’ll look like a goddess! Such a veil is usually held in place with a comb to frame the face. This type of veil looks good with hair down, updos of any kids and side swept hairstyles, too. With a mantilla veil you can also accessorize your hairstyle with a trendy flower crown or some other cool headpiece with beads and flowers.

curled updo wwith a mantilla veil

long curled hair down with a mantilla lace edge veil

half updo with a mantilla veil for a heavenly look

stunning French lace mantilla veil with a beautiful updo

mantilla lace veil accessorized with a flower crown

long curls down with a mantilla veil is always a win

long hair down, a mantilla veil and a fabric hairpiece

long curls down with a cathdral-length veil

curly updo with a cathdral veil

long hair down with a cathedral veil

cathedral veil looks great with long hair down

lace edge cathedral veil with side swept hair

elegant updo with a cathedral veil

lace trimmed cathedral veil with an updo

curly half updo with an ivory cathedral veil

curly half updo with a white cathedral veil

messy curly updo with a tulle cathedral veil

boho lace juliet cap veil with long hair down

juliet cap accessorized with a headpiece with an updo

juliet cap created with an olive branch headpiece

use a floral crown to make a juliet cap veil

long curls down with a beaded juliet cap veil of tulle

embellished lace juliet cap veil with a boho chic vibe

curled updo with a juliet cap lace veil with bead hair combs

champagne-colored illusion tulle elegant Juliet cap veil gathers in the back and features a subtle Alençon lace appliqué

stylish updo with a two-tier veil

two tier cathedral veil with long hair down

lace applique fingertip two tier veil with hair down

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