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28 Winter Wedding Nails Ideas You’ll Love

On your big day you should look perfect from head to toes, and take care not only of your dress, shoes, hair or face but also of your nails. A chic manicure will polish your look and make it wow, it will be a cool finishing touch, and if we take winter weddings – there are so many options to rock! Let’s take a look!

Neutrals And Nudes

Nudes and neutrals are the most popular nails for brides, and for winter you just should add a touch of glitter! Try matte nude nails with rhinestones or accent glitter nails, mix whites with silver glitter, try geometry and silver stars, which will be great not only for a winter but also for a starry night wedding. Mix blush, mauve, white, silver, gold as you want and as it fits your look. Go for various glitter and shiny accents or try snowy nails, try powder blue and greys if they fit – don’t limit yourself, mix some cool ideas in one manicure!

a nude manicure with a touch of glitter and silver nails for those who still insist on classics

a silver glitter manicure and a blush accent nail for a cute and sweet girlish look

blush starry night manicure with silver stars and silver accent nails for a winter or a starry night wedding

chic winter neutrals, white, grey and silver glitter for a bride who wants a fresh take on neutrals

glitter and white nails with two rhinestones on each for a sparkly and glam holiday look

white nails with a single silver glitter one and a geometric one with a touch of silver glitter for a chic holiday look

nude nails with a touch of glitter are winter and holiday classics that always works

snow-inspired manicure is a chic and glam idea for winter, especially if you miss snow and wanna incorporate it

ombre pink and white nails for a frosty look of your nails, ombre is a hot trend

matte mauve, blush nails with touches of silver glitter for a refined, chic and girlish look

white, powder blue and silver glitter manicure for a frozen feel on your nails

white, blush and gold glitter nails for a modern winter bridal manicure

white nails with a touch of glitter on top and white ones with silver stripes to sparkle all over

spruce up your dusty pink nails with a touch of gold glitter, so holiday-like

glossy white, matte black nails, an accent with rhinestones and silver glitter for a holiday wedding

a classic red manicure spruced up with a silver glitter accent nail are perfect for Christmas

black matte nails with a touch of glitter for winter holidays wedding, so festive and so bold

bold red nails with a geometric rhinestone touch for a winter holiday wedding

burgundy and silver glitter nails plus some jewels are amazing for winter holidays weddings

burgundy jeweled nails are a chic idea for both a fall or a winter wedding or if you love jewel tones

burgundy nails with gold glitter are always good for winter or winter holidays weddings

burgundy nails with rhinestones and beige nails with glitter for a bright festive manicure

elegant glitter navy nails are great for winter, to achieve that ice queen look that many girls want

glossy forest green with a single green glitter nail are a chic and bold idea for winter holidays, not only for a wedding

long matte red nails are timeless classics with a trendy touch for any winter wedding

matte burgundy nails and silver glitter ones are amazing for holidays, they look modern and fresh

matte burgundy nails with a touch of gold glitter and a gold glitter nail for a bright festive manicure in winter

matte red nails, a silver glitter accent and a jeweled nail for a chic Christmassy look

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