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45 Inventive Pixie Haircut For Gorgeous Look & Care Tips

Cut your hair short, that cut that is popularly called ‘Joãozinho’ cut also known as Pixie cut. It is the haircut formerly known as ‘the man over there’. This type of short haircut is very much appreciated by women who want a modern, practical and at the same time sensual style.

The short haircut shows the back of the neck, enhances the neck and the neck leaving the woman very sensual. If you always wanted to make this cut and never had the courage to enjoy the summer, and with our tips and step by step make the short cut you always wanted.

Care Tips for Short Hair

Pixie cutting will make your day easier, but once done, it requires some care. You will need to maintain the cut monthly, and take care of the hair differently. It will appear to be more oily, due to the strands being shorter, the natural hair oil will travel a shorter distance and this will make the hair more oily.

To avoid excessive oiliness, prefer to wash with warm or cold water, and do not use rinse cream anymore. Prefer to use a leave in, a combing cream only on the tips.

This cut is perfect to give your hair a vacation, especially from chemical treatments. Prefer not to make a progressive brush, because they leave the ends split, and as the hair is short it will make it look ugly. If you have wavy or curly hair, activate the curls and do a lot of hydration .

Expert Tip

Nando Araújo explains that anyone can make the pixie cut, but they must adapt the cut to their hair type and the shape of the face. What’s more: cut it? Maintenance should be done at most every 20 days. “For those who have straight hair, I always recommend drying their hair before leaving home. And pass a finisher, which can be the mousse, because it helps to model and still keeps the hairstyle for longer.

For women with curly hair, the tip is to wake up, go out and be happy! If you think the wires are arranged, or messed up, the way you like it, then you don’t even need to get wet. If you want to change the shape a little, you can use a humidifier and a fork comb, so that the curls are loose ”.


Sometimes, because of the deceptive size, it is difficult to distinguish between a long pixie cut and a short one. But that’s the beauty of these short haircuts for fine hair. The medium size is the main attraction, as well as the beautiful color.


The asymmetrical strands that frame your face and get longer in the front will serve to create the illusion that all hair is so rich when, in reality, it is only the front. The back can be cut off for a children’s elf.

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Speaking of child elf cuts, here’s how they look. You can soften them up a bit by dyeing your hair a feminine color, such as blonde or a beautiful pastel shade. Pair with some dramatic earrings for a great result.


We can’t talk about short haircuts for fine hair without mentioning the gothic pixie cut. Contrary to popular belief, she doesn’t have to be black, spiky and messy. It can also be a stylish haircut with style.


Don’t be afraid to express your creativity and personality, even if you have fine hair. Talk to your stylist about your options when it comes to cutting and coloring and choose the most suitable for your skin tone and face type.


Having thin hair is nothing new. Women have struggled with this situation for decades. But if the problem is old, it does not mean that the solution must also be old. Modern haircuts do the job very well.


Haircut gained attention in the 1970s, and it quickly became a classic as more and more women started using it. You can get the modern version of this hairstyle and show off your fine hair along with it


Believe it or not, the Pixie is making a timid comeback within the ranks of short haircuts for fine hair. We saw it on the catwalk in different fashion weeks. However, you should know that we are referring to contemporary versions, rather than those that you remember from your childhood.


This is a classic haircut that complements the square and angular faces. The swept side is there to sweeten the straight lines of the face and make it a little smoother and more feminine. The blonde color also helps with this.


Despite having a smooth and silky feel and looking at it, fine hair can be an object of difficult handling and style because of its less desirable texture and volume. Therefore, you will notice that most professional stylists recommend short haircuts for thin hair, rather than medium or long ones. The only thing left is for you to go through our inspirational list and choose your favorite!

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